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Glass bottle for powdered Kohl

Glass bottle for powdered Kohl

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Makeup container for powdered Kohl . easy to use.

Coming from Moroccan craftsmanship and fair trade, this bottle is an essential accessory for the oriental kohl ritual.

Also called kohl, it allows traditional kohl powder to be preserved away from humidity and any external impurities. It is equipped with a wooden stick called mirwed which is used to apply kohl without smudging. Sold with the bottle, it attaches to the side.

Usage tips

- Open the bottle cap from the top, fill the bottle with your kohl powder (powder sold separately). We offer gray , black and royal blue powder kohl on our site.

- Introduce the mirwed in the bottle, turn it to impregnate it with powder.

- Place the stick on the lower eyelid and move it outwards.

Close your eye, then gently slide the stick outwards.

Make a back and forth movement to deposit the powder on the bottom and top of the eyelid.

Open your eyes and discover a powerful and mysterious look.

  • Made of red glass, with oriental motifs on the cap and

  • Dimensions: approximately 10 cm x 3 cm

  • Handcrafted in Morocco

  • Optimal conservation of kohl powder without denaturing it

  • Convenient to take anywhere. Simple filling and easy use.

  • A smooth wooden "mirwed" application stick with an optimal tapered shape for perfect makeup.

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