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Light brown sculpted kohl bottle

Light brown sculpted kohl bottle

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Wooden kohl bottle from Moroccan craftsmanship. It is an essential accessory for oriental beauty. It keeps the kohl powder dry, away from any dust or impurities.

This kohl comes with a wooden stick called Mirwed allowing a burr-free application of the kohl powder sold separately. This pretty oriental decorative element will easily slip into your handbag.

100% Ecological Makeup

Powdered kohl is a mixture of mineral and plants. like the kohl bottle are handcrafted.

Thus, the use of traditional kohl generates 0 waste.

Moroccan artisanal product and fair trade

This wooden kohl bottle was made in Morocco. It is made from lemon wood and hand carved. Thus, each piece is unique. By offering you these bottles we wish to promote the work of Moroccan artisans and improve their daily lives.

Usage tips

Open the bottle using the top cap. Fill it with powdered kohl. Use the stick to apply the kohl.

  • Lemon wood bottle carved and painted only on the outside.
  • Dimensions: approximately 12 cm (height) / Diameter: approximately 3 cm.
  • Pattern subject to availability, light brown color
  • Each bottle is unique (artisanal)

Origin: Morocco

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