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Kessa scrub glove

Kessa scrub glove

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The essential for your Hammam ritual!

Ideal for removing dead skin and impurities, this high-quality crepe glove will make your skin soft and reactivate blood circulation. Essential to the hammam ritual, Eastern women use it as a mechanical scrub after exfoliation with black soap or Aleppo soap.

Find clear, silky skin!

Oriental beauty secret to keep skin fresh and soft,
the kessa glove is used in the hammam as well as at home. Combined with black soap or Aleppo bar soap or liquid black soap , this glove will allow you to eliminate impurities, dead skin and gently remove toxins.

Before oriental hair removal or other, scrub your skin (1 day or a few hours before) with this glove in order to

Characteristics / Quality
  • Materials: quality crepe, rough and grainy, non-aggressive for the skin
  • Equipped with a fabric handle to easily hang it in your bathroom and dry it after use
  • Quality: double stitching and overcasting in zig zag stitch
  • Color: black
  • Dimensions: total height 20 cm, width 18 cm, wrist elastic width 9 cm
  • Care: Machine washable at 60°C, do not tumble dry

Properties for the skin

-Removes dead cells and impurities by
mechanical exfoliation (friction)
-Activates blood circulation
-Helps remove cellulite
-Drives out toxins

Instructions for use and tips

Black soap scrub :

Use your glove once a week
1-Wash yourself with hot water (without applying soap, shower gel, etc.).
Then, apply a dab of black soap or Aleppo soap on the skin. Create a lather.
2-Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
3-Moisten your kessa glove with hot water and scrub your skin by rubbing (slowly move back and forth).
4-Rinse and moisturize your skin with a moisturizing vegetable oil such as argan oil or shea butter .

Before oriental or other hair removal, scrub your skin (1 day or a few hours before) with this glove to guarantee optimal hair removal.

Disinfect your glove in a boiling water bath
for two minutes or machine wash after each use and let dry.

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