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natural henna hair

natural henna hair

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100% natural HENNA!

Traditionally used in the Maghreb for its coloring power, this very high quality henna has been selected for its fine grain size and its 100% pure and natural composition . Its leaves contain a natural pigment, lawsone, in moderate quantities for a truly natural result . It is used as a mask on the hair to bring a pretty copper to auburn color while strengthening it and making it shiny.

This 100% natural and biodegradable henna. It will give your hair a natural reddish-coppery to auburn color depending on your hair. A true hair care product, it strengthens, coats and makes hair shiny. To try it is to adopt it.

DISCOVER HENNA: You won’t be able to do without it!

Henna hair coloring is one of the beauty secrets of oriental women.

Properties for your hair
  • Colors and gives nuanced reflections
  • Balancing and regenerating
  • Restores suppleness and shine to hair
  • Strengthens the roots

  • Coloring
  • Can be used in combination with other coloring powders to obtain other shades
  • Mask for damaged, brittle and lacking tone hair.
  • Skin wrap for a tanned complexion.
  • Combined with black soap, it does not color and improves the scrub with the kessa glove


  • INCI: Lawsonia inermis: pure plants, without metal salts, without p-phenylenediamine (PPD).
  • High quality henna
  • Fine grain size
  • 100% pure and natural

Capacity: 100 g

Origin: Morocco

Usage tips and tricks:

-Do not use metal utensils during your preparations.
-Use gloves when applying and old clothing.

To see your future shade, do a test using hair collected from your brush.

Dosage depending on hair length:
-100 g for short hair
-150 g for mid-length hair
-250 g for long hair.

1-Making the coloring paste: Prepare the necessary quantity of
henna you need. Add hot water gradually while mixing.

You should obtain a smooth and firm dough. Let your dough rest for at least 30 minutes.

2-Apply to dry hair separated into large sections starting at the back of the head.
Coat the paste in a thick layer from the roots to the ends. Massage your scalp well.
Gather everything upwards into a bun.
3. Cover with plastic wrap or a charlotte. Clean your face.
4. Leave on for at least 30 min. Then rinse thoroughly.

Tips: Add a few drops of argan oil to your paste to condition your hair and obtain a smooth paste.

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