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100% pure henna

100% pure henna

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100% pure and natural quality henna

This Henna is a very good quality henna which can be used to create tattoos. Its active ingredients color, strengthen, coat and smooth the hair. Easy to apply and rinse, it allows you to obtain pretty oriental tattoos. It is also used as a natural self-tanner or to purify and soften the skin.

Discover this natural dye that will beautify your hands and hair for a special occasion or simply for your pleasure!

Coming from the Lawsonia inermis plant, this natural henna contains coloring pigments; not to be confused with neutral henna which does not color.

In the oriental tradition, henna is used as a temporary tattoo of the hands and feet. Henna is a must during the hammam ritual, and during the traditional wedding ceremony.

Mixed with black soap , it does not color and allows dead skin to be scrubbed more effectively. Your skin has never been so soft.

It also serves as a 100% natural self-tanner for an equally natural result.

Properties for your hair

  • Gives an auburn color
  • Softens and coats the hair
  • Strengthens dull hair
  • Restores shine to hair
  • Purifies the scalp

Properties for your skin

  • Antiseptic and healing, skin problems: eczema and whitlow.
  • Emollient, exfoliating and softening
  • Coloring (tattoo and complexion)

Composition / Quality
Lawsone: orange-red coloring.
100% pure and natural, BAQ (BODY ART QUALITY): pure quality henna, without metallic salts, without allergenic p-phenylenediamine (PPD).


  • Hammam scrub
  • Hair coloring
  • Temporary tattoo of hands and feet.
  • Self-tanner, temporary tattoo
  • Scalp care.
  • Skin problem: eczema and whitlow .

Useful tips and tricks

-Do not use metal utensils during your preparations.
-Use gloves when applying and old clothing.

Hair coloring:
To see your future shade, do a test using hair collected from your brush.

Dosage depending on hair length:
-100 g for short hair
-150 g for mid-length hair
-250 g for long hair.

Making the coloring paste: Prepare the necessary quantity of
henna you need. Add hot water gradually while mixing.

You should obtain a smooth and firm dough. Let your dough rest for at least 30 minutes.

Tips: Add a few drops of argan oil to your paste to care for your hair and obtain a smooth paste.

Self-tanning :
Using hot water, make a smooth and fairly thick paste.
so that it does not flow during application. Prepare your
paste at least 1 hour in advance to release the pigments.

Use gloves for application. First, do a test on
an inconspicuous part of your body. Spread your preparation starting with the calves (the feet color very quickly) and going up towards the neck.

You can do the face later.

Make a wide circular motion.

Leave it on: The application time varies depending on the skin.

Allow 2 to 4 minutes for fair skin and 6 to 8 minutes for dark skin.

Rinse thoroughly and moisturize your skin

Tips: Exfoliate with black soap before application so that the tan lasts longer

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