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Virgin avocado oil

Virgin avocado oil

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Premium quality cold-extracted virgin avocado oil.

Rich in fatty acids, vitamins E and Phytosterols, avocado oil has excellent moisturizing, regenerating, healing and anti-aging properties.

100% rge life , it restores elasticity and acts effectively against skin aging and fragile, dry and devitalized skin .

It strengthens and stimulates brittle and dry hair.

Obtaining process:

Thanks to a gentle process of extracting the avocado pulp by cold pressing , producers obtain a vegetable oil of remarkable quality. This means allows the extraction of an oil very rich in active ingredients including a high content of vitamin E , carotenoids and fatty acids .

Fair Trade oil :

Avocados are grown by smallholders in western and central Kenya who are part of a fair trade circuit. Thus, these small producers provide real financial support to farmers in the region and their families.

Organic quality oil

Cosmetic grade avocado oil, extra virgin, 100% pure and natural, paraben-free and preservative-free. It is obtained during the first pressure. Of Organic quality, it is certified organic by the Soil association (English certification body. recognized by Ecocert:

Properties for the skin
  • Antioxidant and anti-wrinkle, it neutralizes free radicals and fights against the effects of skin aging .
  • Restructuring and softening, it brings elasticity and suppleness to the skin.
  • Protective and healing for the skin, it protects against the effects of external aggressions (sun, wind, etc.).

Properties for hair
  • Regenerates dry and damaged hair.
  • Nourished and contributes to hair growth.

  • Rehydration and healing of weakened and sensitive skin.
  • Excellent anti-wrinkle treatment for mature skin: face, eye area, neck and hands
  • Care for chapped hands and cracked heels
  • Preventative care and reduction of stretch marks
  • Ingredient for making soaps and anti-wrinkle treatments


Organic avocado oil contains:
-Fatty acids: Omega-6 and Omega-3 (60%).
-Vitamin E (anti-oxidant), anti-UV phytosterols, carotenoids
-Sterols (anti-UV): 140 mg / 100 g

Origin: Kenya

Stable, non-greasy oil with a satin effect. Store in a dry place, away from heat and light.

Tips and tricks for use

-As a tightening and regenerating treatment for the face and neck: Apply avocado oil alone or mixed with other vegetable oils: argan , prickly pear ... on your face, around the eyes and your neck (in massaging extensively with care for an anti-aging action). You can also put a few drops of your oil in your night cream.

-Body care: After your shower or at the end of your ritual (bath, hammam, scrub, etc.), apply your avocado oil to your still wet body (to facilitate penetration), focusing on the areas to be treated ( dehydration, stretch marks, sagging skin, etc.) 2 times a week.

-In hair care for damaged and dry hair: Before shampooing, apply your avocado oil along the length to nourish and enhance your hair. To treat your hair problems: Loss, dandruff, itching. Apply avocado oil alone or mixed with black seed oil or castor oil to your scalp, massage gently and leave to act for at least 30 minutes, then wash your hair thoroughly. Shampoo twice to avoid having greasy hair.

-As a mask: Once a week, apply the oil as a mask to the face, neck and/or hair. Leave to act for at least 30 minutes. Remove excess from your face by rinsing with clean water or using rose water .

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