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100% Vegan “ant” oil – Anti-regrowth

100% Vegan “ant” oil – Anti-regrowth

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“Ant” oil: A formidable treatment against hair growth

100% natural and vegetable oil.

It is renowned and recognized as one of the best cosmetics in its field.


mixture of 3 pure vegetable oils : 79% tigernut oil, 20% pumpkin seed oil and 1% concentrated clary sage oil, which gives it this coniferous smell.

the benefits of ant oil

Ant oil has many properties for the skin:

  • It limits hair regrowth
  • It improves skin elasticity
  • Hemani ant oil prevents dehydration
  • It nourishes the epidermis
  • Rich in vitamin E, it fights against skin aging
  • Exfoliating properties
  • Reduction of ingrown hairs

Capacity: 30 ml

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