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100% natural “peaceful night” candle

100% natural “peaceful night” candle

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Totally 100% plant-based and natural candle, from fair trade. It is composed of palm wax and essential oils of lavender, neroli and orange.

Find calm and serenity thanks to this candle: Its subtle and captivating scent envelops the atmosphere and provides a wonderful feeling of well-being.

It will help you find sleep, rest and well-being in general. It promotes relaxation and relaxation. This candle is used during relaxation rituals: during your meditations, your beauty ritual, during your bath, during your readings....

Benefits of lavender, neroli and orange essential oil :
  • Fight against insomnia and depression and bring a feeling of inner peace.
  • Relieves stress, nervous tension, anxiety attacks, stage fright, anxiety, palpitations

  • Eliminate bad odors, pleasantly perfume the air with a sweet scent.

Composition and Quality:

Fair trade candle, totally natural and biodegradable.
This candle is composed of 97% stearin (palm wax) and 3% essential oils: lavender, neroli and orange.

Burning time in a glass candle holder 11 to 12 hours. Weight 56 ​​g, size: 4.5 x 4 cm.

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