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Traditional kessa back rub from Morocco

Traditional kessa back rub from Morocco

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Exfoliating Kessa strap for rubbing the back when bathing or in the hammam

It is traditionally widely used in the East and the Maghreb to make a gentle and effective scrub.

It is used in the hammam or at home after applying black soap or Aleppo soap.

It is used to cleanse and rid the skin of the back of all dead skin and impurities .


Dimensions: with straps 60 cm

without Straps 46 cm X 11 cm

Origin: Morocco

Quality: superior: double stitched,

Directions for use
  • Wet your kessa-dos well with hot water
  • Then rinse your body, paying particular attention to your back.
  • If you wish, apply black soap or Aleppo soap delicately to your back.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of soap
  • Exfoliate using the strips 

Rinse it by hand after use and dry it.

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