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Kohl made from date stones - 8 g

Kohl made from date stones - 8 g

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A true treasure of nature, this gray colored powdered kohl is the traditional kohl used by oriental women for centuries. It is rich in date stones and helps to enhance the eyes while protecting them from germs.

Thanks to a 100% natural composition, it nourishes, densifies and lengthens eyelashes

Without additives it is very gentle on the eyes, it is suitable for the most sensitive eyes.

Ecological and economical, it does not remove makeup and lasts up to 3 days.

Artisanal and fair trade product
A true ancestral know-how, the manufacture of kohl is still done by hand today.

Tradition dictates that it is women of a certain age who make it by hand. They use 100% natural pigments based on antimony mineral powder and plants from Morocco: powdered date stone and olive oil ...

The main component of Oriental makeup, powdered kohl is probably the oldest makeup in the world. It has survived the centuries to be still used today by women from the East to the Maghreb. Kohl is traditionally used as a beauty adornment but also as eye drops or to naturally protect against external aggressions.

In certain Arab countries, the tradition is to put kohl in the eyes of infants, so that they have bright eyes and the whites of their eyes are very white.


Capacity: approximately 8 g on average (the bottle is not filled). the powder is dense.

Composition: ginger, clove, date stone, olive stone, antimony stone in olive oil.

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