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Hashmi black powder kohl

Hashmi black powder kohl

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Black powder kohl with integrated liner in a small golden vial.

100% natural kohl from the Orient for an intense look.

Makeup and skincare 2 in 1 - Lead-free guarantee

Hashmi Aswad Kohl Powder Black is a blend of herbs and ingredients selected for their medicinal properties. It acts as an eye drop to treat the eyes.

It is used to protect and strengthen the eyes from all external aggressions. It cleans the eyes of foreign particles.

Quality product

This kohl has been made since 1794 in Pakistan. Manufactured by the Hashim company with ISO 9001 Quality certification.


Kohl powder, Zinc oxide ( 100% mineral origin) , Black amorphous, Fennel extract, Neem, Fine herbs, Absus Cassia (Ayurvedic plant).

Store in a cool, dry place.

Weight: around 4.50 g

Make: Pakistan

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