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Sisal-loofah bath scrub strip (luffa) - 70 cm

Sisal-loofah bath scrub strip (luffa) - 70 cm

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Loofah or loofah strap - large sponge Ideal for massage and daily body hygiene


- Exfoliates the skin removing dead cells and impurities

- Prepares the skin for better penetration of care products

- Improves hair removal.

- Promotes blood circulation providing a feeling of well-being

- Promotes local slimming by mechanical massage.


  • Elastic cuffs for a real second hand that massages you.
  • Lanyard with 2 beautiful handles, excellent massage of the whole body.
  • 100% plant-based, natural and anti-allergic Always with the same concern for authenticity and naturalness, Beliflor went to find the loofah in Zefta, the main region for producing loofahs in Egypt.
  • Vegetable sponge, extracted from dried squash, gently eliminates dead cells while promoting micro-circulation.
  • Material: natural untreated loofah
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • The +: ecological, economical
  • Dimensions: 70 cm x 8 cm

Origin and method of manufacturing loofah

Natural loofah belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family.

They are climbing and tropical plants producing fruits whose shape is somewhat reminiscent of zucchini.

The loofah is handcrafted and requires a very low carbon footprint.

Loofah fruits are picked when ripe. Then the fruit is left to dry, then put back to soak for several days. It is then cleaned of its pulp and seeds, only the fibers are retained to constitute the sponge.

Tips for using the loofah sponge

Before the first use, let your sponge swell for around fifteen minutes in water so that it becomes very flexible.

After each use, let the loofah sponge air dry.

Remember to regularly put your loofah sponge in the washing machine at 60°C to avoid the development of bacteria.

The loofah sponge being biodegradable, at the end of its life, throw it into your compost.


- Black scrub soap

- Aleppo soap 4%, 12%, 30%, liquid

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