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Set of 3 gray kohl

Set of 3 gray kohl

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Traditional powdered kohls in glitter gray color. 100% natural.

Economical and 100% natural, it lasts up to 3 days and does not require makeup removal.

Screw-top glass bottle for ease of use

This kohl does not require makeup removal. Very good hold

Take advantage of a 6.70 euro discount for this lot! (price of 7.90 euros per unit)

Powdered kohl authentic colored glittery gray . Used by Oriental and North African women, it serves to highlight the eye and gives the eyes a deep and captivating expression worthy of desert princesses...

This Moroccan kohl is composed of mineral and plants, Without petrochemical additives: Non-allergenic - without preservative - without artificial coloring - guaranteed without lead or other metal.

The coloring powder is antimony sulphide which is a mineral extracted from the mountainous rocks of the Atlas. It is naturally gray and is obtained by grinding .

Composition: Antimony powder, date stone, olive oil.

Quantity: 18 grams

Origin: Morocco

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