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Mirwed - kohl applicator

Mirwed - kohl applicator

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Mirwed or kohl stick made from eucalyptus wood. Product from Moroccan craftsmanship and fair trade. This stick allows the perfect application of Kohl powder on the eyelids.

This smooth application stick with a tapered shape is optimal for perfect makeup without smudging. It has been used in duo with blue, black or gray Kohl for centuries for oriental beauty rituals.

Application of kohl using wooden mirwed

The application of kohl is carried out according to a precise ritual:

  • Turn the mirwed in the bottle containing khol at least three times, then take it out and tap it gently to remove excess powder.
  • Slide the mirwed along the lash line between the joined eyelids, eye closed.

  • Use a back and forth movement to place the kohl on the bottom and top of the eyelid.
  • Remove the mirwed by gently sliding it towards the outside of the eye (from the nose towards the temple).

  • Open your eyes, and face the mirror, discover your fiery gaze, powerful and mysterious.

Dimensions: 9 cm

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