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Tahara white musk 6 ml

Tahara white musk 6 ml

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Real white musk, 100% natural and without alcohol or preservatives.

This tahara musk, also called musk 'arouss, recalls the Orient with its scents that are at once sweet, delicate and suave.

The application of this musk is part of the ancestral beauty rituals specific to oriental tradition. Thanks to its creamy texture, a small amount will be enough to fill you with a sensual scent that will seem to make women more attractive. Very famous in the Middle East, it is very popular with Saudi women.

“White Musk” scent

These are warm and light, musky, powdery scents with a vanilla background.

Description “White Musk”

Accord of white musks with a vanilla, taste, flowery note." It is the perfect compromise between sensuality and innocence. It is a fragrance that is both fresh and long-lasting. It brings a feeling of freshness and instant comfort.

Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Concentrated, it will allow you to make your “homemade” deodorants. Thanks to its creamy texture, it is easily incorporated into DIY home cosmetics.

Origin and history of white musk

White musk is also called "Tahara" musk, which in Arabic means purity, purification and cleanliness. Tahara musk is particularly appreciated by women in the Middle East.

According to tradition, it is used by women after menstruation during ritual bathing.


Directions for use:

  • Apply perfume behind your ear because the temperature is high
  • Perfume your pulse because the pulse diffuses the scent
  • Used as a very effective antiperspirant deodorant (up to 24 hours).

Glass bottle with a stem for extraction and application. Highly concentrated, just a small touch is enough for long-lasting hold.

Composition: Oil concentrated in Taif rose essence (in Arabia), white lotus, vanilla, honey, jasmine, musk (vegetable), sandalwood, aloe vera gel.

Capacity 6 ml

Origin: Saudi Arabia

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