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Roll-on Perfume JASMIN MUSK (3 ml)

Roll-on Perfume JASMIN MUSK (3 ml)

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Concentrated alcohol-free perfume Musk "Jasmine" (3 ml). Mixed fragrance that lasts.

Perfume revealing the new luminous facet of jasmine, revealing its dazzling charm and the innocence of its sensuality.

The Al-Rehab brand

Al-Rehab is one of the leading perfume companies in Saudi Arabia.
its products bridge from Arab tradition to oriental perfumes.
The perfumes are made from precious natural essences such as
Oud, Taif Rose, incense, musk, sandalwood and rare spices).

Fragrance: Al-Rehab
Product type: perfume concentrate
Jasmine musk 3ml
Recommendation: for men and women
Bottle: Ball type

Ingredients: Alcohol-free concentrated perfume oil.
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