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Home fragrance spray: Copal Aromafume

Home fragrance spray: Copal Aromafume

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Copal natural room fragrance spray

Natural Copal Aromafume resin mist: 100% natural room fragrance

Create a comforting and reassuring ambiance by diffusing the powerful aroma of this oil, especially when you need to clear your thoughts, pray or meditate.

  • Fragrance pleasant, resinous, warm
  • Stimulating aroma
  • Formulated without CFC, without alcohol, without phthalate, without paraben, not tested on animals.

Copal aroma: Pure pine, sweet citrus, lemon

Characteristics: Purifying, uplifting, helps raise vibrations, promotes spiritual cleansing during meditations.

The Copal

Copal is a semi-fossil, or sub-fossil, resin found mainly in Africa and India. Close to amber but generally lighter,

Copal is a term from Nahuati and means “ incense ” in this language.

From the pharaohs to the emperors of China, including the Greeks, Persians, Romans, Turks and Khmer kingdoms, each of these civilizations developed its own use of incense resins like Copal. Caravans and merchant ships have never stopped crisscrossing the globe and transporting these precious herbs and their use from Scandinavia to Japan.

Properties of Copal
  • Its most common use is to purify the air or places.
  • Its anti-infectious properties and the exceptional aromatic quality of its scents emanate into the room and clean the atmosphere.
  • Relaxing
  • Calming

History of Aromafume: artisanal production and fair trade

Aromafume home fragrances are produced by an Indian family business. For more than 5 generations, this family has been producing incense and perfumery products according to a secret family recipe. They combine the ancient art of handcrafted natural incense with a variety of contemporary fragrances.

India has many spices and incense resins. It has a long history in incense making. India is also home to the rich tradition of Ayurveda with its extensive knowledge of the healing properties of plants, herbs and flowers. The interaction of the spice trade with Ayurvedic principles created an exchange of knowledge and the development of many forms of incense.

Packaging: Reusable and recyclable plastic spray bottle.

Capacity: 100 ml.

Ingredients: Essential oils, Natural fragrances, Demineralized water.

Precautions for use : 2 to 3 sprays in the room are sufficient, the operation can be repeated several times a day if necessary.

Non-food substance, keep out of reach of children, do not drink, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, do not apply to waxed, varnished or plasticized surfaces.

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