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100% natural ambergris solid perfume

100% natural ambergris solid perfume

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A traditional perfume from the Orient, Amber is a substance used by the greatest perfumers for its oriental, warm and sensual notes.

This solid, alcohol-free , non-greasy perfume square is entirely natural. It is used by rubbing it on the skin or clothing. It is ideal for perfuming a room, your cupboards, cars.

Olfactory characteristics:

Fragrance of musky amber , with woody scents and warm, seductive notes of vanilla . It diffuses a very subtle, captivating and slightly sweet oriental fragrance.

Directions for use:

Solid perfume which is used on dry and clean areas, near blood vessels: neck, wrist, elbow folds. Rub it gently against your skin. It is ideal as a deodorant and safe.

Use it as an ingredient for making your “homemade” or DIY (do it yourself) soaps, perfumes, deodorants.

To perfume a room, a wardrobe, the car with its scents, you just need to place it in a dish, a decorative object, a fabric purse...ect.

Quality and origin:

Ingredients: Ambergris, vanilla essential oil, musk, vegetable wax.

Origin: Pakistan

Weight: 25g

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