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M'hakka scrub stone

M'hakka scrub stone

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Traditional terracotta pumice stone called Mahakka to scrub rough areas like feet, knees and elbows. Product from Moroccan craftsmanship .

Oriental beauty accessory, original, practical and effective for gently exfoliating dead skin. It is mainly used to remove calluses from the feet. It is very often used in the hammam.

Artisanal manufacturing of Morocco pottery:

Potters use red clay broken into a mass and then soaked in water. They obtain a homogeneous dough that they will have to work by hand. Once the mahakkas are modeled, they are dried in the sun before passing through traditional ovens.

Usage tips:

Use your mahakka in the hammam , after a foot bath in the shower or during your bath. Soak or rinse your stone in water.

-Once your skin is softened by the water, dry the areas to be erased.
-Exfoliate rough areas delicately with the previously wet scrubbing stone.

Tips to perfect your treatment: Make a g hassoul wrap and leave to act for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse. To hydrate and regenerate the epidermis of your feet, massage with argan oil until absorbed.

Origin: Morocco

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