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5 graduated pipettes

5 graduated pipettes

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This set of 5 graduated 3 ml pasteur pipettes is ideal for carrying out your “home” or DIY cosmetic treatments.

They will allow you to both measure and transfer liquid products. They are practical for adding a liquid by dropper for uses and recipes that require precision.

The graduations every 0.5 mL on the stem will allow you to control the volume taken to a lesser extent. For the realization of your synergies or your cosmetics and even your culinary recipes.


To use it, nothing could be simpler: immerse the rod in the liquid to be collected and squeeze the tip of the pipette. By releasing the pressure, the liquid is sucked in by itself. You will then just need to gently press the tip to release the liquid drop by drop.

  • Suitable for transfers of liquids and not for their storage.
  • Non-sterile.
  • Made of polyethylene, resistant to high temperatures and chemically inert
  • Allows you to avoid any interaction with the substances to be sampled.
  • Narrow stem allowing collection into small bottles.
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