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Burlap pouch

Burlap pouch

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Burlap purse, 100% natural and ecological. Very practical for carrying your cosmetic products and accessories. Its ecru cords ensure reliable closure.

Thanks to its small size you can slip it into your handbag or take it when traveling.

Its authentic and natural appearance makes it a perfect original way to wrap a gift, a little attention to please. You can offer natural cosmetics or your cosmetic or other “handmade” creations: soaps, candles, jewelry...

This pouch can also be used to protect and store makeup, perfumes, dried flowers and small accessories of all kinds...

Jute comes from a white jute shrub called Corchorus capsularis which grows mainly in India and Bangladesh.

Respect for the environment and sustainable development

Jute fiber is completely biodegradable and recyclable . Jute does not produce toxic gas when burned. Thanks to crop rotation, harvests are better and soils become more fertile.

An international agreement, dated April 27, 2002, created an “International Jute Study Group”, whose main missions are to ensure the promotion of this fiber and market transparency.

The Joint Fund for Jute Products is carrying out several projects in Bangladesh aimed at strengthening the capacity of jute producers and supporting the diversification of the sector. The project targets poor women and underemployed people, in rural and urban areas, and is therefore expected to significantly contribute to poverty reduction.


Light brown burlap purse with natural ecru drawstring.

Material: 100% natural jute canvas, flexible, soft and durable

External dimension: approximately 20 x 14 cm
Usable storage size: +/- 16 x 13 cm

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