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Poppy and saffron powder from Morocco: Aker fassi in a pot

Poppy and saffron powder from Morocco: Aker fassi in a pot

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Vegetable powder poppy and 100% pure and natural pomegranate peel in a glass jar.

 Natural lip makeup, blush and hair coloring

Color: vermilion red, matte bright red, very fashionable color

This powder allows you to make natural and vegan cosmetics: lipstick, eyeshadow and cheeks. Composed of active ingredients that are interesting for the skin, Aker is also a treatment for the skin and hair .

Today, it is even used as a natural coloring for all DIY cosmetic preparations : soaps, face and body cream, milk, lipsticks, conditioner and as a reviving treatment in henna.

Mixed with henna, it produces a bright red color.

The History of the aker

Aker was already widely used and sought after in Ancient China, where the first dyes of mineral origin were used. Already at this time, the first color mixtures were being made. The bright red of aker being a primary color (one of the three primary colors) miscible with other solids, it made it possible to make numerous mixtures.

100% natural saffron

Full of saffron flower petals, this soap has remarkable anti-oxidant properties. Its anti-free radical power is exceptionally high, a truly precious and powerful natural ingredient.

Saffron is a small herbaceous flower of the Iridaceae family.

Saffron flower, a little-known active ingredient in cosmetics

In the tranquility of the lands of Taliouine in Morocco, ephemeral purple flowers appear which hide in their heart a precious red gold with exceptional anti-oxidant properties.
Recognized as the most expensive spice in the world, Saffron has incredible cosmetic virtues.
In addition to revealing the radiance of the skin, it effectively prevents skin aging through its anti-oxidant action.

The saffron flower of Taliouine: fair trade

afran harvested in the village of Taliouine in southern Morocco


Properties for your skin

-Anti-oxidant, anti-free radical

-Nourishing, regenerating and hydrating
-Sensitive skin cleanser and acne-prone skin
-Body and facial cleansing 
-All skin types

Rich in vitamins A, B and C

Properties of akker
  • moisturizing , softening and anti-wrinkle, akker contains mucilage (emollient) and anthocyanins (antioxidant, improve the elasticity and density of the skin)
  • Calming and soothing thanks to its alkaloids.
  • Antioxidant thanks to flavonoids

Uses and recommendations of akker
  • Lips, cheeks and eyelids: protects from drying out, for 100% natural and vegan makeup
  • The skin: soap, cream...
  • Hair: coloring, highlights, nutrition
  • Allows you to make other colors

    Composition: powdered poppy (Papaver rhoeas) and powdered Taliouine saffron

    Origin: Morocco

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