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Rhassoul in Plates 500 g

Rhassoul in Plates 500 g

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Originally from the Atlas in Morocco, this 100% natural clay is used to clean the skin and hair. It helps eliminate impurities through a natural absorption process. Enriched with plants for greater effectiveness, it is an essential part of oriental hammam rituals.

The combination of rhassoul and natural plants makes it both nourishing and hydrating for the skin which exfoliates effectively, naturally and gently.

To be used for daily cleansing, for the face and for the whole body.

Without active tansio, without preservatives, biodegradable

  • Facial and hair mask/facial and body scrub
  • Dry shampoo (after reduction to powder)
  • Ingredient for shampoo
  • Ingredient to make solid soap and shampoo
  • Body wrap

Capacity: 500 g

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