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Scented sachet 10 g - Wild flowers

Scented sachet 10 g - Wild flowers

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This sachet with very flowery scents will pleasantly and naturally perfume your wardrobe, your toilets, your car or your drawers, luggage...

A traditional synergy of plants and 100% natural essential oils, designed according to the principles of Ayurveda. Hang this scented sachet in your cupboards, your wardrobes, your car, slip it into your drawers, your luggage, your gift packages or your mail, etc. It will naturally perfume and protect your linen and woolens from insects .

Features :

Content : 1 bag with cord

Scent :
 Wildflower scent

- Ingredients 100% of European Union origin, with the exception of exotic ingredients.
- No synthetic products.
-ecological approach.

- Non-polluting operating and production conditions that do not promote the disappearance of plant or animal species.

  • Composition: Essential oils
  • Designed: in the United Kingdom
  • Dimension: Height 11cm, Width 7cm, Depth 0.5 cm, weight 10g 
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