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Nila powder soap

Nila powder soap

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Face and body soap with Nila powder from the Sahara

This soap with Nila powder will eliminate imperfections in your skin, hyperpigmentation, brown spots or dark areas of the face. It helps fight effectively against acne and blackheads .

What is Nila

Nila is a natural mineral found in the rocky mountains of the Sahara.

Nila powder has various properties. It helps to lighten the complexion , softens rough areas (knees, elbows, feet). Moisturizing, it leaves the skin very soft. Helps reduce dark spots and signs of aging. Anti-wrinkle , it rejuvenates the skin.

Beauty secrets of Sahrawi women

Nila, the beauty secret of the women of the Sahara, is a royal blue powder for the preparation of "homemade" masks and any other beauty treatment.

Weight: 80 Gr

Origin: Morocco

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