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Nourishing serum with argan and orchid - 30 ml

Nourishing serum with argan and orchid - 30 ml

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Nourishing serum with argan and orchid . Excellent treatment for damaged and dry hair .

High-end product: glass bottle with dosing pipette

Recommended for all hair types thanks to its ultra fine, non-greasy texture, it is extremely nourishing and hydrating.

Paraben-free , this elixir provides intense shine, softness and protection thanks to the benefits of orchid flower.

It nourishes and softens your colored hair, which will regain its natural softness. Argan oil also helps nourish and restructure hair. Also eliminates frizz and split ends to leave hair light and healthy.

Regenerating, softening and softening, it makes hair silky And rehydrated .

This serum is ideal for dry, damaged hair and split ends.

Properties of the orchid flower

Very moisturizing, orchid flower protects hair by giving it youth and shine. This flower contains many beneficial active ingredients, such as:
• carbohydrates (plant sugars) which soften.
• polyphenols and flavonoids which protect .
• minerals (zinc, iron, copper, magnesium and calcium) which nourish .

Properties of argan oil

-Brings shine and beauty to dull hair
-Helps fight against external aggressions
(sun, sand, swimming pool...)
-Deeply regenerates the hair fiber
-Nourishes dry, weakened and damaged hair

Usage tips

This serum is applied to mid-lengths and ends and to damp or dry hair.
Its ultra-fine, non-greasy texture nourishes, protects and facilitates styling.
It provides a light, non-greasy texture.

Quantity: 30ml

Origin: Morocco

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