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Solid Shampoo with Argan & Ghassoul - ASSALI

Solid Shampoo with Argan & Ghassoul - ASSALI

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100% natural solid shampoo with Argan & Ghassoul oil, zero waste,

Healthy for humans and Biodegradable


Solid shampoo contains fewer ingredients than classic shampoo. It has many ecological and economical advantages unlike liquid shampoo.

The benefits of this shampoo

Economical :

Although the price may seem high at first, the solid shampoo ultimately turns out to be much more economical than a classic shampoo because in addition to lasting much longer, it can also allow you to do without a conditioner. 80 g of solid shampoo allows for 70 to 110 washes, which is equivalent to at least 3 bottles of conventional shampoo.

Ecological :

a solid shampoo is very ecological, in particular because in addition to saving a lot of water unlike liquid shampoos, it does not require packaging and precisely plastic bottles which will subsequently cause waste for the environment .


Extended shampoo formulas often contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to humans and the environment . Another advantage is that it produces almost no waste . Not all industrial shampoo packaging is recyclable ; many resources and manufacturing steps are required. Their production takes longer, is more complex and consumes more energy.

Rub the solid shampoo between your hands, collect the fine foam, massage your hair, rinse thoroughly. Finish with a splash of cool water to stimulate the scalp.

The benefits of argan oil for hair

This solid shampoo is rich in argan oil; it helps nourish, regenerate and protect the hair fiber. Argan oil protects hair against external aggressions such as the sun's UV rays or pollution. It brings strength, softness and shine to the hair. It acts as a treatment by limiting the development of split ends and helps to increase hair volume.

The benefits of rhassoul for hair

This solid shampoo contains rhassoul , a clay mineral which absorbs impurities and toxins.

Rhassoul is called "the earth that washes" by the Moroccans. This volcanic clay comes from the Middle Atlas in Morocco.

Rich in mineral salts, rhassoul fixes them to its material to eliminate them from the scalp. Thus, rhassoul has cleaning and degreasing functions. Dream of nature?

Usage tips

After wetting your hair, simply work the solid shampoo in wet hands to obtain foam which will then be distributed over the hair to wash it, repeating this 2-3 times, or apply the solid shampoo , after passing it under water, directly through wet hair and rubbing it on the head until it lathers sufficiently. Then like any conventional shampoo, because let's not forget: it is indeed a shampoo, lightly massage the scalp and leave to act for 1 to 2 minutes before rinsing. If you have a soap box, you can store it after letting it dry on a soap dish or simply leave it on there!

WEIGHT: approx. 80g

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