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ARTICLE: The benefits of snake oil for the beard

Snake oil, ZAIT AL HAYEE (in Arabic), also called “Cobra oil” or “snake oil” in English, is in reality a mixture of several vegetable oils, with particularly beneficial actions for the hair, coat and the skin.

Its action on hair loss, acceleration of growth and beauty of hair is a miracle. Thus, this oil stops the fall after just a few applications.

Thanks to its 100% natural composition, it is also used for growing eyelashes and eyebrows without any risk. It allows you to fill the holes that may appear at the eyebrow level and obtain, after a few applications, thick, full and longer eyelashes.

Snake oil for beards?

What about its use for beard hair? Snake oil is now used more and more by men to care for their beards . Indeed, it can be beneficial in several aspects and its effectiveness no longer needs to be proven.

Men are not equal when it comes to growing their beards. Applying snake oil to the beard helps with hair growth. Snake oil also acts on so-called "holey" beards, growth that is too slow, hair that is too dry and dehydrated.

You dream of a long and beautiful beard, do not hesitate to apply this treatment; it will give your beard vitality, shine and a new shine.

Does snake oil really work on beards?

This oil is composed of castor oil , sesame , avocado, soy, arugula, argan... promoting the growth and beauty of hair.

People may react differently to this product. It will be more or less effective depending on the individual.

What snake oil to use on the beard?

There are many snake oils on the market that are more or less pure. It is important to choose it carefully first of all to avoid using counterfeits made from very poor quality refined oils.

Since snake oil is composed of a mixture of several vegetable oils, these oils must be 100% pure (without other oils) and natural (without chemical oil) . These oils must be extracted by cold pressing in order to preserve all their virtues and ensure maximum effectiveness.

They must be vegan, without any chemical additives and preferably controlled in the laboratory.

We currently offer you on our sales site snake oils carefully selected for their quality: “ snake oils

How to Use Snake Oil Effectively on the Beard?

To get results on your beard with snake oil, you need to use it regularly and also have a little patience.

Apply your treatment every evening for nascent beards and at least three times a week for slightly longer beards.

You can also use it in the morning with a light hand.

1. First do a skin allergy test.

2. Apply pure snake oil directly:
The ideal is to start at the roots of the beard; massage in.

3. Then apply a little oil to the ends of the beard.

4. Use a brush or comb to pass it through your beard hair.

5.Leave it to rest for at least 1 hour or more if you can sleep with an oiled beard.

Please share your experience using snake oil on your beard in the comments .

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Je l’ai testé sur mes sourcils clairsemés: résultat satisfaisant, mes sourcils sont plus épais et plus denses.
je pense que l’huile de ricin contenu dans ce soin y est pour beaucoup.

Merci bon courage à vous!!


J’ai entendu parler des bienfaits de cette huile.
Jamais essayé encore mais comme c’est naturel, c’est un bon argument.


Article intéressant et conseils simple et pratique.



Merci pour cet article !!


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