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Moroccan rose cream + rose water

Moroccan rose cream + rose water

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Wake up your complexion with this duo 100% Natural Moroccan Rose Cream and Rose Water: Moroccan beauty treasure par excellence.

The Moroccan rose, also called Damascus rose, is very appreciated for its freshness and its subtle and delicate fragrance. In cosmetics it is used for hydrate , invigorate and tone the skin. For fans of home made or DIY, it is an essential ingredient for cosmetic treatments.

For who?

Normal, dry, sensitive, mature or premature aging skin

Origin of the Damask Rose and fair trade

Rose extract is produced by traditional distillation of rose petals, in the region of Kelâat M'gouna (see our article to find out more), in the south of Morocco for guaranteed superior quality . Moroccan women working together in a cooperative delicately pick rose petals in early May.

The rose found in this valley is called the rosa damascena. (Damask rose). It is resistant to cold and drought. It would have been introduced by travelers returning from the pilgrimage to Mecca in the 10th century. Seeds would have fallen on their path and since then, rose bushes have embellished and perfumed the entire valley with their scent.

It was first cultivated for local consumption in the form of rose water (used in the hammam to refresh the skin), then it was exported for the cosmetics industry.

Rose water

100% pure

Our Rose Water has for well done main to invigorate and tone the skin. It constitutes a quality ingredient for making homemade treatments: lotion, make-up remover, in a milk, a cream, a mask, a shampoo, a body wrap (with clay And rhassoul )

Capacity: 100 ml

Rose cream

This cream, rich in rose essence , nourishes And hydrate intensely the skin. Its natural scent of Moroccan roses provides an immediate feeling of freshness. 100% natural active ingredients. Suitable for all skin types.

capacity: 100 ml

Tips for using rose care

After cleansing your skin, apply your rose water morning and evening on the face and neck carefully cleansed beforehand.

Then apply your rose cream and do penetrate by gently massaging with your fingertips using movements towards the outside of the face. For the eye area, tap gently with your fingertips until absorbed.

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