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100% pure black seed oil

100% pure black seed oil

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Black seed oil of food and cosmetic quality: 100% natural , pure , virgin , first cold pressed and without any chemical additives.

Oil highly sought after for its origin from Pakistan and its quality: controlled in the Laboratory.

It is packaged in a 125 ml or 60 ml amber glass bottle , in order to protect all its active ingredients and not alter its properties.

Black seed oil is an oil known for many uses: In skin application for cosmetic use, in joint pain relief massage or even orally for its virtues therapeutic aromatherapy .

Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E , black seed oil helps fight against the appearance of free radicals, responsible for premature aging of the skin. It is particularly effective against skin problems such as acne, blackheads, fungal infections, psoriasis, etc.

It also has other benefits: It regenerates and nourishes dry and damaged hair, it is recommended in case of hair loss, against dandruff and irritated scalp.

Nigella, also called black cumin, is an odoriferous and strong-tasting plant. It is sometimes found in oriental culinary dishes. It is cultivated in many countries in the Middle East.

The oil, cold extracted from its seeds , is used for its numerous therapeutic virtues: anti-allergic, digestive, hypoglycemic, anti-asthmatic, stimulating the immune system, cardiovascular diseases, urinary problems, etc.

Properties for the skin:
  • Antioxidant, it protects the skin from skin aging by fighting against free radicals.
  • Healing and anti- bacterial , it helps treat certain skin diseases.
  • Purifying, it fights against skin problems: acne, boils and prevents the formation of small pimples.
  • Anti-inflammatory , it soothes joint pain and skin irritations.
  • Regenerating and nourishing , it brings softness and suppleness to the epidermis. It is particularly recommended for sensitive skin.
  • It speeds up the tanning process .

Properties for hair:
  • Revitalizes and soothes the scalp.
  • Strengthens weakened and brittle hair and nails. 
  • Restores softness to dry and damaged hair.

  • Anti-aging treatment for all skin types, particularly for dry and sensitive skin
  • Care for irritated, damaged and burned skin
  • Care for acne-prone skin
  • Care for cracks, chapped skin and stretch marks
  • Treatment of psoriasis, allergic eczema, skin fungus
  • Joint pain, soothing and calming massage oil
  • Care for dry, brittle and split hairs
  • Care of fragile, dull and brittle nails
  • Frizz, afro hair
  • Hair damaged by coloring and straightening
  • Infected scalp, dandruff

Quality and origin:

INCI: Nigella sativa seed oil

High quality product: The Pakistan Brand of the Year 2015 award was given to Hemani Herbals by Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shareef

Amber glass bottle to ensure good preservation of the benefits

Origin: Pakistan

Precautions for use :

-Store in a cool (<20°C), dry place away from light (vegetable oil sensitive to oxidation).

-Keep out of reach of children under 12 years old.

- Not suitable for pregnant women.

- Internal use: seek the advice of your doctor.



  • Internal balance: Excellent dietary supplement
  • Many healing benefits : digestive, diuretic, stimulating, antioxidant , analgesic and antiallergic.
  • Stimulates the immune system, lowers bad cholesterol and prevents high blood pressure .
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Regular intake of black cumin can reduce blood sugar levels and insulin resistance


  • Anti-inflammatory and calming properties.
  • Reduces headaches , dizziness and joint pain with local applications or massages.
  • Treats colds, dental pain (using mouthwashes) and skin problems (psoriasis, acne, eczema, burns).
  • Treats acne or skin problems and improves complexion.


The anti-infectious action of nigella makes it possible to treat respiratory, biliary and urinary problems. Its draining effect contributes to the elimination of toxins in the intestines and lungs. Thus, it strengthens and protects the respiratory tract against all kinds of external attacks.



Hair repair treatment :

Use pure black seed oil or prepare a mixture of hair oils. You can use coconut oil and/or castor oil and/or shea butter . Into an empty spray bottle , introduce (using a small funnel) an approximately equal quantity of the desired oils. Mix before each application.

  • Apply this mixture as a serum to damaged and dry ends or lengths.
  • Oil bath: Coat your hair with black seed oil or your oil blend. Wrap them in a towel for half a day, overnight or during a hammam session. Then shampoo.

In skin care: Acne, psoriasis, allergy eczema, skin fungus, cracks, chapped skin, stretch marks

Apply black seed oil directly to the areas to be treated and massage gently until absorbed. For good effectiveness use morning and evening.

In anti-aging care:

Mix a few drops of black seed oil into your anti-wrinkle night treatment. Make oil masks as often as possible, leaving it on for at least 30 minutes.

Tips: If you want more anti-aging effectiveness, use black seed oil in combination with argan oil and/or prickly pear oil.

In massage:

Pour black seed oil into the palm of your hand, heat it by rubbing your hands, then massage. If you find the smell of black seed oil too strong, mix it with coconut oil .

Clear skin tip: Mix black seed oil and rose water to clean your face.

Discover all our secrets, oriental beauty rituals and our health articles in our blog . We advise you to read the article  Black seed oil: 9 benefits of this powerful oil for health” , to find out more about black seed.

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