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Offer an authentic and Eco-responsible gift: travel through the centuries to discover one of the oldest soaps in the world: Aleppo soap , made in a cauldron according to tradition from olive oil and olive oil. bay laurel. Beauty rituals with Aleppo Soap are an opportunity to reconnect with natural beauty.

The essential for lovers of traditional beauty products: Choose the concentration of bay laurel oil and the products according to your needs: Aleppo soap 12%, Aleppo soap 20%, Aleppo soap with oil de Rose, Aleppo soap with jasmine oil, Aleppo soap with Nigella oil, Aleppo shampoo with Argan oil, Aleppo shampoo with Nigella oil.

Original gift for your holidays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, a birthday, a young mother and her baby, a future bride!


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